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Here at Emmanuel UCC we strive to create an intimate, personalized Memorial or Funeral Service that celebrates the person’s life, lifts up the ways in which God’s love was made known through them, as well as the opportunity for family and friends to mourn their loss.

The positions of our called Pastor and Organist are salaried positions, established to fulfill normal responsibilities.  Therefore it is necessary for families who arrange funeral or memorial services to provide recompense to these professionals for their time and effort in preparing for and leading the service.All funerals and memorial services performed at Emmanuel UCC will be conducted by the settled Pastor and Organist.  Other pastors or musicians may be welcome to participate in the service at discretion of the Pastor and Organist.  Together they will work on creating a service that is pleasing to the couple and true to the United Church of Christ’s theology.The Pastor’s fee for a funeral or memorial is $150. The Organist’s fee is $150.  If you so desire, the church will provide a soloist for the service for $75.  There will be no charge of the use for the Sanctuary.If the Pastor or Organist is unable to perform the service, an alternate may be arranged.  However, the permission of the settled Pastor and Organist must be obtained in advance.If the family wishes to have a coffee hour or luncheon after the service, it can be held in the Fellowship Hall with food and beverage provided by the Hospitality Committee.  Additional food may be brought in at the discretion of the Pastor and Hospitality Committee. All cleaning, handling of furniture, equipment owned by Emmanuel UCC shall be done by our Property Ministry Team.


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