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Men’s Health & Veteran’s Affairs

Nov 9, 2021

EUCC Community Conversation

On November 8, 2021, Emmanuel UCC hosted the 3rd Community Conversation. The topic was on,“Men’s Health & Veteran’s Affairs" that featured guest presenters Lt. Tyrone Tyson, Jason Mulligan, and Alfred Nolton. Lt. Tyson heads the COPS Unit of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. Officer Jason Mulligan is also part of COPS Unit. Alfred Nolton chairs the Armed Service & Veteran’s Affairs committee of the local NAACP #5087.

After their presentations, there was an open-forum discussion in which the male attendees were invited to speak about their experiences while the female members of the audience participated in "active listening."

The format encouraged truths to be shared and truths to be heard. Stories that empowered the participants to move forward from the event with a clearer understanding of the work left to do in our community.

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