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Rev. George Miller

Pastor of Emmanuel United Church of Christ

When you come to Emmanuel U.C.C. to worship, you enter into a unique church in Central Florida.  We are a diverse congregation, made up of folk from all walks of life, who have gathered to praise God, be the hands of Christ, and seek the comfort of the Holy Spirit.  Our worship style may be traditional, but our theology is timeless.  We are not here to get answers, but to be comfortable with the questions.   We are here to share the gift of welcoming fellowship and to work side by side.  We are here to find our own way to act justly, be kind, and to walk humbly with the Lord.  We are Emmanuel United Church of Christ.

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Who we are


Emmanuel UCC was established in 1990 with a clear vision to be an active part of the local community, reaching out with acts of compassion, a respect for learning, and a sense of awe and wonder about the Holy Spirit. We are a church known for our welcoming spirit, greeting people as if they have always been here, inviting folk to participate in the life of the church, and celebrating our belief that “God is still speaking.”  

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You are welcome here!

We here at Emmanuel are always ready for where the Holy Spirit will lead us next, and we are always ready to welcome another voice, another talent, another insight from someone like you.